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How to manage Mailing List with Alias

  • Please write one email address for each line in the management file.
  • If you add "#" at the beginning of line, such line will be ignored.

If you use editor on mail server

  1. Login to the mail server.
    % ssh mail.sfc.keio.ac.jp
    Please refer to about remote login for Windows/Mac etc.
  2. Move to the directory where the management file is stored.*1

    e.g., If the name of directory in which the registration notice mails are stored "/var/mail-list/circle/";

    % cd /var/mail-list/circle/
  3. Open the management file with editor (Emacs, vi , etc.).

    e.g., If the name of the management file in which the registration notice mails are stored is "sample-ml"; % emacs sample-ml

    % emacs sample-ml


    % vi sample-ml
  4. Save when the editing is finished.
  5. Check the contents of what you edited.
    % lv sample-ml
  6. Do not forget to logout.
    % logout

If you edit with PC

The mail server will be UNIX, that be careful with code for line break and character code.

  • About code for line break
    Set the line break as "LF" for list file.
    If you forward files following the procedure with WinSCP shown on this page
    character code has already been converted to the UNIX's line break, that there is no need for conversion.
  • About Japanese character code
    If you use Japanese in comment text, use ISO-2022-JP (JIS).
    Regards to the code for line break and Japanese character, please refer below.
  1. Create and edit file with the same name as the name of management file in the registration notice mail.
  2. Copy management file where the mail server specifies. Following example is to when WinSCP is used;
    1. After you activate WinSCP, click "[セッション]-Session", and enter the following information. Then click "[ログイン]-login".
      Host namemail.sfc.keio.ac.jp
      User nameCNS login name
      PasswordCNS login password
    2. Upon connecting to the server for the first time, you will see a message to verify the SSH key. Click "[はい(Y)]-Yes" (it will not appear from the next time.)
    3. Move to the directory in which the management file is store.
      Press "Ctrl + O (for Open)". The "[ロケーションプロファイル]-Location profile" window will open. If you use this window, you can specify the directory on both PC and the server, that it is very useful.
      ("ローカルディレクトリ(L)"→Local Directory; "リモートディレクトリ(R)"→Remote Directory)
    4. Upload to the server. You can do this with drug&drop (as shown in red line below)
    5. When you are uploading, the "[コピー]-Copy" window will appear. Click "[詳細(M)]-Detail" when you are uplodaing.
    6. Check "[テキスト(T)]-Text mode" for "[転送モード]-Forwarding mode". Click "[コピー]-Copy".
    7. The "[確認]-Confirmation" window will appear. You wil be asked "xxxxxx file already exist. Do you want to overwrite?". Click "[はい]-Yes". If you need the backup, please download it beforehand.
*1 You can directly go to emacs /var/mail-list/circle/sample-ml

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