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Feature phone use password

To use the Keio mail feature phone service, it is necessary to set a feature phone use password.
Please set the password referring to the following procedure. Please set the feature phone use password using your PC.

Feature phone use password setting

  1. Access keio.jp.
  2. Enter the ID and password of Keio ID*, then press the "Login" button.
    * In addition to the Keio ID, you can also use your ITC account, CNS account, or Keio Apps ID for the login.
    For details, refer to "About adding functions under keio.jp certification accompanying system migration".
    If any information logged in previously remains in the browser, the following screen may not be displayed. In this case, go to Step 3, because this procedure is unnecessary.
  3. Press "Change passwords" from the menu in the top right of the screen.
  4. Press "Feature phone".
  5. Referring to the setting example, enter "New feature phone use password", "New feature phone use password" (Confirmation use), and "Current keio.jp password", and press "New setting".

Feature phone use password invalidation

If you press "Invalidation" on the top of the screen, it changes to the following screen.
Enter "Current keio.jp password", and press the "Invalidation" button to invalidate the feature phone use password.
If you want to re-validate your password, reset the password.


Last-Modified: March 3, 2015

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