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Setting Examples for Becky! Ver.2 IMAP4


Contents of this manual are "Operation Confirmation" under the following environment.
OS: Windows8.1(64bit)
Software: Becky! Ver.2(Ver.2.70)
Please perform the following procedure.

When setting up, Keio Apps ID and Password for mail software are required. Please check your Keio Apps ID and password for mail software in advance. The checking method is the following.

Procedure 1: setting under the Gmail

  1. Log into the Gmail, and then click gear icon in the top right corner.
  2. Click "Setting".
  3. Click "email forwarding and POP/IMAP".
  4. Turn on enable IMAP in IMAP access, then click "save changes".

Procedure 2: setting under Becky Ver.2!

  1. Start Becky! Ver.2.
  2. Click "File""mailbox""New preparation".
  3. Enter the required information in the "Add email account" screen.
    Explanation of items added to email account
    Name of mailbox Optional. ExampleEškeio mail
    Name Enter the name that is the sender of the email.(Optional)
    Email address Enter Keio ID
    Example) keio-taro@keio.jp
    Precaution: Always be sure to enter in state also including after "@mark".
    The Keio ID acquired before March, 2015 (like the following) is also usable.
    Example: keio-taro@xx.keio.jp
    Receiving protocol IMAP4rev1
    Click "OK" after entering each item.
  4. Click "OK".
  5. Enter the following images and information for reference use in the "Server Information" column of the "Basic Settings" tab.
    Server information
    Receiving protocol Select IMAP4rev1
    IMAP server (receiving) imap.gmail.com
    IMAPS Enter check.
    SMTP server (sending) smtp.gmail.com
    OP25B Clear check
    SMTPS Enter check.
    User ID Enter Keio Apps ID
    Example) keio-taro@keio.jp
    Precaution: Always be sure to enter in state also including after "@mark".
    Password Enter the password for your email software.
    Verification method select standard
    Go here to check your Keio Apps ID.
    Go here to check your email software password.

    After completing entry, click the "Details" tab.
    When you have entered a check to IMAPS, the following popup screen will appear.
    Click "Yes".
  6. Enter the following images and information to each item for reference.
    Detailed entry information
    Port No. of server/td>
    1. SMTP 465
    2. IMAP4 993
    SMTP verification
    3. SMTP verification Enter check.
    Enter a check to [CRAM-MD5], [LOGIN], and [PLAN].
    Because it is not compatible with "CRAM-MD5", it is necessary to check [LOGIN] or [PLAIN].
    If the user ID or password is not entered
    Use the User ID and Password entered to the Basic Settings tab.
    SSL/TLS - related
    4. Receiving use/sending use Default
    5. Using Client certificate Enter check
    Using ESMTP (essential for SMTP validation)
    6. Using ESMTP Enter check
    7. IMAP related
    Place Trash in server Enter check.
    Place Draft in server
    Place Sent in server
    Click "OK" after entering each item.
    This completes setting.
    Please perform an email send/receive test.

This completes the procedures for "Setting Examples for Becky! Ver.2 IMAP4".

Update History

2015/04/07: Newly prepared

Last-Modified: December 10, 2015

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