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Case where you will use Keio ID as your login account to publicly available Google Services

Operating procedure

  1. Please notify the keio.jp help desk (help@keio.jp) of Keio ID that has caused trouble.
    The system administrator deletes Keio ID that are linked to Keio Apps ID, so after receiving an answer that response is completed from the help desk, perform the following procedure.

  2. Click the "Start" button on the bottom left.

  3. Select corresponding item under type of account used, and click the "Continue" button.
    [2] Select the separate address you will use for your personal account.
    > Type of account used
    > Account that uses the address you already have (other than a Google email address)
    > "Continue"

  4. Enter the Keio ID in the "New email address" box, and the login password to the Google account in the "Current Password" box, then click "Save email address".

  5. Move to the email address confirmation screen.
    Two emails, "Google Account: Confirmation of Change of email" and "Google Account: Notification of change of email" will reach Keio Mail.
    To confirm the new email address that is in "Google Account: Confirmation of Change of email", please click on the link following where it says: "Please continue by clicking this link."

  6. When the following screen is displayed, the processing is completed.
    Please confirm that you can normally use the Group or Calendar.

    It may take about 10 minutes to link account information inside Google services.
    If the trouble continues after completing the operation, let a little more time pass, then try to send email to the Group or try to see the calendar.Ask the owner of the Group to confirm whether or not Keio ID is displayed in its original email address format (for example, keio-taro@a2.keio.jp) on the said group management screen.

    If there are any unclear points, such as a different screen being displayed as you perform the above operations, we are sorry to trouble you, but please contact the keio.jp help desk (help@keio.jp).

Last-Modified: December 26, 2014

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