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Keio Apps ID: ID changing method

Keio Apps ID: ID changing method

  1. Log-in to keio.jp
  2. After logging in, 「Change Keio Apps ID」

  3. Enter your new Keiio Apps ID twice. Enter your current Keio ID password, and then click [OK].
    1. The ID names already registered or reserved are unusable.
      You can change your ID name only once.
      If you want to use your Keio Apps ID as your login ID, changes will be reflected just a few minutes later.
      If you want to use Gmail or other Google Workspace(formerly G Suite) services with your changed ID, the change will be reflected from 9:00 the next morning.

    2. You will not be able to use Google Workspace for Education(formerly G Suite for Education) services, including Gmail, until the morning after you make the change.
      Emails will be received during the period you cannot use the services, but you will not be able to check them on Gmail.
      Please use the current system (DEEPMail) (Japanese article) to check them during this period.

  4. New ID has been set successfully. Please use the new ID from new on.
    1. If you read or write Keio Mail using an email software, you will need to change the email software settings no earlier than the following morning.
      See here for how to set up the email software.

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