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Example of Mozilla Thunderbird ver31 IMAP settings


Contents of this manual are "Operation Confirmation" under the following environment.
Software : Thunderbird(ver.31.1.0)
OS: Windows7(64bit)
Please perform the following procedure.
Procedure 2 should only be done when keiomail setting has been performed in Thunderbird.
When you set initially, it is not necessary to perform procedure 2.

When setting up, Keio Apps ID and Password for mail software are required. Please check your Keio Apps ID and password for mail software in advance. The checking method is the following.

If you will use the Keio Apps ID at your email address after completing setting, also perform the following procedure.

Procedure 1: setting under the new system (Gmail)

  1. Log into the Keio Mail(Gmail), and then click gear icon in the top right corner.
  2. Click "Setting".
  3. Click "email forwarding and POP/IMAP".
  4. Turn on enable IMAP in IMAP access, then click "save changes".

Procedure 2: Preliminary settings for Thunderbird (only for those using the current system)

  1. Start Thunderbird.
    Right-click the account for the current system you have already set.

  2. Change "Account name" to any account name you wish, then click "OK".
    The example uses "old_" plus the account name.

Once this setting has been made, move to Procedure 3.

Procedure 3: setting under Mozilla Thunderbird.

  1. Start Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. Click "File""New Preparation""Obtain new email account"
  3. Click "Set Email Account" and advance to next step.
  4. Perform "Setting Email Account".
    Enter the following information as reference information.
    Email address Enter Keio ID.
    Example: keio-taro@a2.keio.jp
    Precaution:enter including state after @mark.
    Password Enter the password for your email software.
    Go here to check your Keio Apps ID and email software password.
    Click "Continue" after entering each item.
  5. It starts automatically to search for the sending/receiving server as shown below,
    but the correct server cannot be set automatically. Wait a few seconds until the search is completed or click "Manual Setting".
  6. Perform "Set Mail Account" referring to the following information.
        Server's host name Port SSL Verification method
    Receiving server IMAP imap.gmail.com 993 SSL/TLS automatic detection
    Sending server SMTP smtp.gmail.com 465 SSL/TLS automatic detection
    User name Enter Keio Apps ID.
    Precaution: enter including state after @mark.
    Go here to check your Keio Apps ID and email software password.
    Click "Retest" after entering each item.
  7. If the following screen appears after retest, the setting is completed.
    Conclude by clicking "Completion" button
    If the message "Thunderbird could not find your account settings" appears as below, confirm the settings again.

This completes the procedures for "Example of Thunderbird ver31 IMAP settings".
To continue the migration procedure, please advance to migration process site map.

Reference: Case using the Keio Apps ID at the sender's email address.

  1. Click "Tool""Account Settings".
  2. Select the Keio ID account that has been set.
    Change "email address" to Keio Apps ID then click "OK".
    This completes setting.
    Later, "email address" will change to Keio Apps ID.

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