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For Students

Activation (For SFC Students)

  1. Start the Web browser and access the SFC-SFS.
  2. The login window shown below will appear.
    Enter your CNS login name and login password.

  3. The main window shown below will appear.
    Select the "Gakuji Web" tab on the top-right.

  4. Click on the "keio.jp Activation" button.

  5. The following application window will appear.

  6. Follow the user guide below to finish the activation.

    How to obtain your Keio ID for keio.jp

  7. Write down the issued Keio ID (e-mail address) and don't forget your password and ID.
    It might take few minutes to enable your ID.

Activation is complete. Now, try to log in.

Last-Modified: September 28, 2018

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