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WiMAX Service

Termination of UQ WiMAX SFC plan

This service (UQ WiMAX SFC plan) terminated on August 31, 2019.

Regarding the termination of UQ WiMAX SFC plan by UQ communications Inc. (keio.jp authentication required)


This service offers quick access to SFC-CNS via WiMAX network of UQ Communications.

UQ Communications allocates IP addresses of SFC-CNS to PCs with WiMAX and mobile routers via UQ Mobile WiMAX Network.

Terms of Use

  • SFC-CNS users who have user accounts can apply to UQ Communications for using this service.
    • Those who use the mail forwarding service for alumni and alumnae do not have SFC-CNS user accounts. Therefore, they can not use this WiMAX service.
  • Users of this service need to use their PCs or mobile routers in UQ Mobile WiMAX Network area.

How to Apply

If you want to apply for this service, please refer to the web page of UQ Communications. You need not to apply to Shonan Fujisawa ITC.

If you already use UQ WiMAX service and want to use this service for SFC-CNS, you need to cancel your contract and apply for this service.

Planned Outage by Tokyo Electric Power Company

  • Shonan Fujisawa ITC provides this service while planned outages at SFC, so users can use SFC-CNS services which are provided while the planned outages.
  • If WiMAX base stations in the region cannot be used while the planned outages, users cannot use this service.

Last-Modified: September 6, 2019

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