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About Box


Box is a cloud type online storage service.

In addition to file back-up and archiving use, it can also be used to share files among faculty members, students, and outsiders.

It can be used not only from a PC, but from a smart phone, tablet or other device.
(You can use it from your own device.)

Strong points of Box

Complete preview functions

  • You can view a file on your browser even if you have not installed the editing software to your device.
    (Compatible with more than 100 file formats including MS Office or Adobe Illustrator.)

Video streaming distribution function

  • You can easily stream a video file by uploading it to Box then sharing the link or embedding it in a blog.
  • You can set it to display or not display the number of plays without displaying any ads.

Easily shared with external users

  • You can even share a file with someone who does not have a Box account.
  • To share, you can set the valid period, password, or download permission for a shared link.

Flexible access control

  • And for a folder, you can invite a [Collaborator] and share and work jointly on the file with the collaborator.

Encrypting a file

  • If you upload a file to Box, the file is automatically encrypted.

Box authentication

You can log in using keio.jp.

Box Capacity

Its capacity is unlimited.The maximum size per file is 50 GB.

Reliability and Security

Box operates one of the best security measures in the world. For details, please see the following URLs.

With the services in Box, all data belongs to Keio University or to individual users. Box will never check its content or use it for advertising purposes. Box may check the stored content in the following situations. Disclosures based on the legitimate order follow the procedures which are defined in ISO27018.

  • Maintenance asked by Keio University
  • Emergency operations for handling severe troubles
  • Legitimate disclosure order of the stored data

When you cancel your account, all your data will be erased from Box servers.

Attention on use

On the Box, Do not upload / share content that violates public order and morals and copyright law. If the illegal activities, such as described above is discovered, there is a possibility to stop the use without notification.
In addition, all responsibility for the file and its contents will be held by the user himself.

Last-Modified: August 8, 2023

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