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Web Server Information

How to set up Web Page

Setting up Web page takes the following steps: "Create the file for publication on the Web", "Create the directory for publication*1", and "Upload the file for publication". The destination of the uploading file will differ depending on region type.

  1. Create a file written in HTML language by using text editor and other tools (The extension of the file must be ".htm" or ".html").*2
    You can also create the file with Emacs or vi after you login the communication server .
  2. If needed, prepare picture file etc., which will be linked to the file made at 1.*3
  3. Upload the file which you want to put in the public domain according to the structure of web page.
    Please use communication server instead of Web server for uploading.

Directory (folder) composition and the correspondence of URL in CNS

  • Notes
    • Directory (folder) name such as "/a/fs14/sd03a/WWW/example" will be made dynamically. Sometimes you cannot referred to directories (folders) with such name even if they are bookmarked.
    • Please always refer to it by the directory name beginning with "/home" or "/pub".
  • Correspondence table
    The directory in CNS where you upload files corresponds to the URL you refer to with Web browsers as follows.
    Kind of domain The directory of CNS on the server URL Note
    Private domain (example of login name: z00000t) /home/z00000tk/public_html/ http://web.sfc.keio.ac.jp/~z00000tk/
    Shared woking Area (examle of area name "example") /pub/WWW/example/ http://example.sfc.keio.ac.jp/

Examples of the Installation of Software

  • The examples shown here are the installation of various kinds of software to private servers or shared workspace on CNS.
    • The examples shown here are the version at the time when the document is created.
    • Please confirm how to use them or how to configure on their download sites.
    • Please check the newest version and/or the information on security hole, and deal with them whenever necessary.
object Software Version Database
Personal homepage WordPress 6.1.1 MySQL Installation example (Japanese article)
Pukiwiki 1.5.1 -- Installation example (Japanese article)
Shared Working Area WordPress5.7.2 MySQL Installation example (Japanese article)
Pukiwiki1.5.2 -- Installation example (Japanese article)
*1 Only if you set up Web page for the first time in your home directory.
*2 Some applications have the conversion function which changes document files to web pages.(e.g., "Webページとして保存-Save as a web page" in Microsoft Word
*3 You can open various files for public, but some file forms need MIME-types setting written in ".htaccess" additionally.
e.g., MPEG-4 Audio file example: AddType audio/mp4 .m4a

*4 You cannot use this because safe_mode is activated in CNS.

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