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1. Account

I forgot CNS login password

  • Please come to Shonan Fujisawa Information Technology Center (Shonan Fujisawa KIC) CNS service desk with your identification document.
    Acceptable Forms of Identification Student student ID card
    Faculty members

    Please present one of the following.

    ・faculty and staff ID card
    ・Japanese driver's license
    ・certificate of driving record (issued on or after April 1, 2012)
    ・health insurance card
    ・residence card
    * Individual number card is not available

Where is the application form?

  • There are application form at CNS service desk.

How to reserve disk space in Homedirectory

If you want to know details of Capacity restrictions of a Homedirectory, please refer to

IMAP User Only

Please Check this contents.

When you allocate multi-GB to the folder related to Thunderbird in Homedirectory, "Message Synchronizing" of Thunderbird may be available.
If "Message Synchronizing" of Thunderbird is available, you will use double capacity.

The folder related to Thunderbird in Homedirectory

  • For Mac
    Finder [CNSiMac] -> [Library] -> [Thunderbird]
  • For Windows
    Explorer [Z:] -> [XPDataCNS] -> [Application Data] -> [Thunderbird]

How to confirm which Thunderbird sync-configuration is available or not.

  1. Start Thunderbird on Shared Facilities of CNS.
  2. Open [Tool] - [Account Settings] - [Synchronization & Storage]
  3. Check [Keep messages for this account on this computer]
    • Check-on: enable synchronization
    • Check-off : disable syncchronization

If you would like to disable synchronization of Thunderbird and delete synchronized messages, please refer to the FAQ.

Last-Modified: October 19, 2023

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