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2. Wi-Fi

Can't connect to Wi-Fi network

  • Did you configure about Wi-Fi?
  • Please confirm the expiration date of your personal certificate.
    • For the detail of the expiration date, please check CNS wireless LAN service registration page.
      Please update your certificate, if your certificate has been expired.
      The procedure is as follows.
      無線LAN個人証明書更新 (Available from KEIO only)
  • Did you activate Wi-Fi switch?
    • There is a switch for wireless device on several PC.
      It's possible the Wi-Fi adaptor is disabled on device manager.
  • Please confirm Wi-Fi mode.
    • It's possible the Wi-Fi mode is set to Ad-hoc mode for PC to PC connection.
  • Please update your PC to the latest release.
    • If you feel the Wi-Fi is difficult to connect, we recommend that you check the web site of your PC vendor for the latest release and update firmware and device driver of your PC.
  • Please inform Shonan Fujisawa Information Technology Center, if you can't connect at certain place. We will investigate.

Can't use messenger with Wi-Fi

  • Please use authenticated Wi-Fi.
  • You cannot connect hosts outside of Keio University on non-authenticated Wi-Fi, so there are some software you cannot use on the non-authenticated Wi-Fi.

Last-Modified: November 6, 2023

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