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6. Web


  • suEXEC limits
    For security, CGI/SSI will work with CGI owner authority in CNS personal web server. Please check "Protected Mode" on your browser.

Can't receive error mails with Send Mail CGI

  • Exceeding Home directory limits
    CGI/SSI can't work if CGI/SSI were programs that increase the capacity of a file like creating a file or rewriting a file. It cannot be written. Please to organize your home directory. Reviewing Quota

"Forbidden" error message appears when you try to reach the website

  • About Protected Mode of public_html
    Please set "chmod o+x ~/public_html" to allow "others".
  • About Protected Mode of Home directory
    If you set Home directory as only you can see any files inside, please set "chmod o+x /home/login name".

Become forbidden If you set the permalink in WordPress.

  • When you use the WordPress in the web server for CNS personal websites, you may be a Forbidden If you try the permalink setting.
    Please check the permissions on the .htaccess file that WordPress generates automatically.
    If the read is not set to other, please add.
    • Check the .htaccess permissions.
      % cd WordPress's_directory
      % ls -ld .htaccess
      -rw------- 1 z00000tk student 35 12月 10 16:43 .htaccess
    • If permission is 600, to add a read on other
      % chmod o+r .htaccess
  • If you change permalink settings except the default setting, you can get 403 Forbidden.
    Make an upper directory where you put WordPress readable by others.
    • Check a permission of a directory where you put WordPress.
      For example: If you put WordPress into /pub/WWW/example,
      % ls -ld /pub/WWW/example
      drwxrws--x 5 z00000tk example-group 4096  2月 26 14:03 example
    • If it doesn’t have a read permission as 771, allow read permission to other.
      % chmod o+r /pub/WWW/example

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