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Management of mailing list (Alias)

How to manage and setup mailing lists on Alias are explained.
Please manage mailing lists after login to the management of mailing list page.

Management of mailing list

Login to the management of mailing list page

  1. Access to the following page.
  2. Enter “CNS login name” “CNS login password” and click “login”.

Registration of member

  1. Click “Member Change” on the mailing list you want to change.
  2. Enter mail address and click “Add” .
  3. Registration of member is completed.

Addition of registered member

  1. “No change” as an error message will be shown, when registered member is added.

Deletion of member

  1. Click “Member change” on the mailing list planning to change.
  2. Check on member planning to delete and click “Delete” .
  3. Deletion of member is completed.

Last-Modified: May 17, 2021

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