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Answering Invitations to Schedule

Answering Invitations to Schedule

  1. When you send invitations by "Sending Invitations to Schedule", mail such as that in Fig. 1 is sent to guests added to the schedule.
    You can respond concerning qualification for participation in a schedule by clicking "Yes", "Undecided", or "No" from "Will you participate?".
    When you want to change your participation qualification status after answering an invitation, you can change it by again clicking "Yes", "Undecided", or "No" from the invitation mail.

    Fig. 1 Answering an invitation (1)

  2. Clicking "Yes", "Undecided", or "No" displays the schedule details screen that you answered regarding participation qualifications. You can confirm your own participation status.

    Fig. 2 Answering an invitation (2)

  3. You can directly answer about participation qualifications from the schedule detail screen.
    You can answer concerning qualification for participation in a schedule by setting the check of either "Yes", "Undecided", or "No" from "Will you participate?" to ON, then clicking "Save".

    Fig. 3 Answering from schedule (1)

  4. Results of answering concerning participation qualification are reflected.

    Fig. 4 Answering from schedule (2)

  5. You can directly change participation qualifications from the schedule details.
    To change participation qualification, click "Add memo/revise answer".

    Fig. 5 Answering from schedule (3)

  6. You can revise qualification for participation in a schedule by setting the check of either "Yes", "Undecided", or "No" in "Will you Participate" to ON and clicking "Save".

    Fig. 6 Answering from schedule (4)

  7. The result of revising qualification for participation is reflected.

    Fig. 7 Answering from schedule (5)

  8. When you have selected either "Yes". "Undecided", and "No", the schedule is displayed as shown below.

    "Undecided": "?" is displayed in the schedule.
    The results are the same even when there is no response to participation qualification.

    Fig. 8 Answering from schedule (6)

    "Yes": Schedule is displayed as usual.

    Fig. 9 Answering from schedule (7)

    "No": A cancellation line is displayed on the title of the Schedule, and the color of the Schedule dims.

    Fig. 10 Answering from schedule (8)

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