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Preparing a new schedule

Preparing a new schedule

  1. You can prepare a schedule by clicking the date and time on the right side of the screen, then preparing a new schedule from the pop-up that is displayed.
    Enter the title of the schedule into the pop-up, then click "Create event" to prepare a new schedule.

    Fig. 1 Preparing a new schedule (1)

  2. A new schedule has been prepared.

    Fig. 2 Preparing a new schedule (2)

  3. To set and prepare a schedule in more detail, click enther "Create event" on the left top of the screen or click on "CREATE>>" on the pop-up.

    Fig. 3 Preparing a new schedule (3)

  4. A detailed screen of a schedule such as Fig. 4 is displayed. You can prepare a full-day schedule or a regular schedule.
    Click "Save" to prepare a new schedule.

    Fig. 4 Preparing a new schedule (4)

  5. A new schedule has been prepared.

    Fig. 5 Preparing a new schedule (5)

  6. To prepare a full-day schedule that continues for a single day "All day" on the detailed screen of the schedule to ON to prepare the schedule.

    Fig. 6 Preparing a full-day schedule (1)

  7. A full-day schedule has been prepared.
    A full-day schedule is displayed on the top of the screen separated from the normal schedule.

    Fig. 7 Preparing a full-day schedule (2)

  8. To prepare a regular schedule that is repeated each week, turn the check on "Repeat" on the detailed screen of the schedule to ON. When the check is turned ON, a repeat setting pop-up is displayed.
    ※ As an example, the procedure for preparing a schedule for 9:00 to 10:00 on Monday of each week is explained below.

    Fig. 8 Preparing a regular schedule (1)

  9. Select "Weekly" from the list "Repeat", select [1] from the "Repeat every:" list, and turn the check of "Monday" from "Day of week" to ON to prepare the schedule.
    You can set the repetition frequency and valid period from "Ends:".

    Fig. 9 Preparing a regular schedule (2)

  10. A regular schedule has been prepared.

    Fig. 10 Preparing a regular schedule (3)

    When revising a regular schedule, you can revise or delete only a specified schedule.

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