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Creating a group

Creating a group

After creating a group, make sure to set the group permissions.

  1. This page describes the procedure for creating a new group.
    Open Google Groups, and click "Create group".

  2. The 1st page of the group creation screen pops up, fill in the fields, and click "Create group".
    Note: Confirm that the domain name shown in the pull-down list is "@keio.jp".

    The items in the group creation screens are as follows.

    • Group name:
      • The name of the group. Give an easily distinguishable name (e.g. xxx project, communication in xxx dep).
    • Group email:
      • The email address of the group. Emails sent to this address are posted in the group conversations and all members will receive the emails.
      • "-group@keio.jp"* is suffixed to the entered group name.(e.g. If "mitaclub" is entered, the group email address will be "mitaclub-group@keio.jp".)
        The suffix "-group@keio.jp" cannot be changed.
    • Group description:
      • We recommend you to enter, for example, the purpose of the group as a description to facilitate group management.
    • Basic permission settings:

  3. The screen below is displayed when the group has been created.

    Note: If any groups added to "My groups" are not displayed, refresh your browser by pressing the F5 key.

If you created group, be sure to set group permissions after it.

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