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Deleting a Group


When a Group is deleted, it is completely deleted from Google, so it can no longer be found by a search or on the Group Directory.
A deleted Group cannot be recovered.

A Group can be deleted only by a registered party assigned that role by the Owner.

Deleting a group

  1. Log into keio.jp and click "Group" from the G Suite(formerly Google Apps) menu.
  2. It is possible to delete a Group for which "(Owner) management" is displayed on the My Group Viewing Screen (My Group inside keio.jp).

  3. Clicking "Manage" displays the following management screen, so click "Detailed Setting" in "Information".

  4. (1) Enter "Reason for Deletion" in "Delete Group" and (2) click "Delete this Group".

This completes the deletion.

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Last-Modified: November 10, 2016

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