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Adding a member: "Inviting"

1: Tasks done by the owner or manager

  1. Invite the member.

    For the invitation method, refer to "Invite User to Group" .

    * In the case where a Keio Mail address (example: keiotaro@a2.keio.jp), is invited to members, the Keio Apps ID that corresponds to an address is added.
    To confirm the Keio Apps ID corresponding to the Keio Mail address, refer to the Keio Mail address and Keio Apps ID confirmation method (Address conversion method) .

    When inviting a member who does not have a Keio Apps ID (xxxxx@keio.jp address), carry out in "2: Set to permit posting even without a Keio Apps ID " (Persons who have already done this do not have to do it again.)

  2. An invitation email is sent to the member.

    By carrying out "3: Tasks for member" below, the user can participate as a member.

2: Set to permit posting even without a Keio Apps ID.

  1. Select “Group” from the menu of the new system (Gmail).

  2. Click "My Group".

  3. Click "Manage" of the mailing list to be set.

  4. Click "Authority" in the menu on the left and then click "Basic permissions".

  5. Check "Permit new users outside keio.jp" then click "Save".

  6. Click "Settings" from the menu on the left and then click "ID".

  7. Turn "Displayed name or Google profile" to ON then click "Save".

3: Tasks for member

  1. The invitation email sent to the member arrives.
    At this stage, click "Accept invitation" (a button or a link).

    When inviting an existing Keio Mail address (such as keiotaro@a2.keio.jp) to be a member, an error may occur, and the following screen will be displayed. In this event, try again after logging into the new system (Gmail) again.
    If you succeed, the Keio Apps ID corresponding to the user's email address will be added. Owners or managers who manage members should note this.
    Note that you can check Keio Apps IDs that correspond to members' email addresses from "How to check members' Keio Apps IDs."

  2. The member will be added, and can participate.

  3. The member's Keio Apps ID will be added to the group.
    The member will be able to post messages to Group as part of a group, and check the group they are a member of.

Last-Modified: December 24, 2015

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