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Member withdrawal method.


This deletes a member:

When deleting a member registered on the new system (Group), the object of the deletion differs according to the email address of that member.

  • When deleting an address of Keio mail: Delete the Keio Apps ID* corresponding to an address
    Can be confirmed under "New/old email address conversion" of the keio.jp application.
  • When deleting an address other than Keio mail: Delete only this address


  1. Select Group from the menu of the new system (Gmail).

  2. Click "My Group"

  3. Click "Manage" of the mailing list to be set.

  4. "All Members" is displayed

  5. Check the member you want to delete, then click "Delete Group" from "Operation" on the top menu.

    In the case where the member's email address to be deleted is a Keio Mail address (example: keiotaro@a2.keio.jp), the address of the corresponding Keio Apps ID is also deleted.
    For the Keio Apps ID corresponding to the Keio mail address, refer to the Address conversion method .

  6. Click "Delete".

The above completes the procedure.

Last-Modified: July 14, 2020

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