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Operating members

Operating members

  1. Select "Group" from the menu of the new system (Gmail).

  2. Click "My Group".

  3. Click "Manage" on the mailing list to be set.

  4. "All Members" is displayed

  5. Click and check the check box to the left of the member you wish to set.

  6. Please perform the following operations according to the contents you wish to set.

    • To make the member an owner or manager:
      • "Operation" → "Add to roles" → Click "Owner" or "Manager"

    • To make an ordinary member:
      • "Operation" → "Delete from role" → Click "Owner" or "Manager"

    • Case of restricting submission:
      • After "Operation" → "Set restricting submission", click the restriction you wish to set.

    • Case of prohibiting Group reading, submission of contents, receiving renewal information mail:
      • Click "Operation" → "Prohibit".

      • Select reason for prohibition and click "Prohibit".

Last-Modified: February 4, 2015

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