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About how to deal with lost G Suite(formerly Google Apps) device

The following introduces the method of dealing with a case where you have lost a device (PC, cell phone, smart phone, etc.), using G Suite (Email, Drive, Calendar etc.).

Firstly, please change of the "keio.jp login password" and "password for email software". Next, delete the permission to access the G Suite service from the lost device. It only stops using G Suite from the lost device, it does not mean that you can not use G Suite.

Change your password

Delete permission to access G Suite service

  1. Login to "Keio.jp".
    For the method, please refer to "Login and Logout operation".
  2. Click the link, "Account Settings" from "Account" on the upper right of the Gmail screen.

  3. On the Account Information Screen, click on [Device activity & notifications] in [Sign-in and security].

  4. On the Terminal activity and notification screen, click on [REVIEW DEVICES] in [Recently used devices].

  5. Click and select the terminal whose access authority you wish to cancel. Click "Remove" at access to account.
    If the delete button is not displayed, this task is unnecessary.

  6. On the Account Information Screen, click on [Connected apps & sites] in [Sign-in and security].

  7. Click the displayed service and click "Remove".
    Please perform it to all displayed applications. It is unnecessary when there is no item.

  8. "Remove access" is displayed, so click OK.

  9. please log out from all sessions and restart the browser. Then go back to the Keio Mail screen and click "Account Activity Details" at the bottom right of the screen.

  10. The Activity screen is displayed, so click [Log out from all other Web sessions].

Resetting the G Suite service

Last-Modified: June 27, 2017

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