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Information for Emeritus Professors/Teachers (on services related to keio.jp)

Use of keio.jp

Emeritus professors and teachers can use their Keio IDs that they used during their tenure in office.
The following services are available.

Availability of major services provided by keio.jp

Service name Availability
Google Workspace (Keio Mail, Drive, etc.(formerly G Suite))
Software Licensing Center
*Available only with ESET
Webex (Web conference system)
KOSMOS My Library
Education Support System ×
Class Support ×
Wi-Fi (keiomobile2/eduroam)

Please note that those who become part-time faculty members can use the keio.jp services available as part-time faculty members.(Education Support System and Class Support are available.)


Q1. To continually use keio.jp, what emeritus professors/teachers have to do?
A1. You don't need to do anything. Log in to the system using your Keio ID and password that you used during your tenure.

Contact Information

As to any question regarding applications, contact the department in charge of the service specified in each application.

Last-Modified: April 5, 2022

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