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Sending Emails from outside the Campus


  • For some Internet providers (hereinafter referred to as ISP), Outbound Port 25 Blocking (hereinafter referred to as OP25B) is adopted as one of countermeasures against spam mails. The OP25B makes No. 25 port unsuccessfully communicative when the port is used to connect with external mail servers.
  • Under the OP25B, users can send emails only with SMTP servers supplied by the ISP, and cannot send emails with SFC-CNS servers from inside of the ISP network.
  • In SFC-CNS, the users can send/receive emails from ISP and a like that adopts OP25B by using "Submission port (No. 587) + SMTP Authentication" or "SMTP over SSL + SMTP Authentication" .

How to use

  • You need your password for SMTP authentication. (The password are is the same as the one for receiving on IMAP.)
  • If you do not set up "IMAP/SMTP-AUTH" password, you should set up at this page
    • Menu -> 3. Configure/Change the "IMAP/SMTP-AUTH" password
  • Configuration of the SMTP server is as follows.
    1. Submission Port (No.587) + SMTP Authentication
      SMTP Server Port Number Authentication Method
      smtp.sfc.keio.ac.jp587CRAM-MD5 or LOGIN Authentication
      The LOGIN Authentication is useful on TLS (STARTTLS).
    2. SMTP over SSL (No.465) + SMTP Authentication
      SMTP Server Port Number Authentication Method
      smtp.sfc.keio.ac.jp 465CRAM-MD5 or LOGIN Authentication
  • Please use the SMTP over SSL because Outlook2002 and OutlookExpress don't support submission ports.

Examples of setting password

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