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How to set up SSH keys in TeraTerm

Generate SSH public key and private key

  1. Access to SSH key generating page and log in with your CNS account.

How to set up TeraTerm

  1. Launch TeraTerm, and click [Cancel] at the initial screen.

  2. Click [SSH Authentication...] from [setup] on the tools menu.

  3. If the SSH authentication settings screen open, enter your own CNS login name to "User name", and then put a check in the [Use RSA/DSA/ECDSA key to log in] and click [Private key file].
    Then click OK.

  4. Click [Save setup] from [Setup] in the menu bar. If a new window displays, click [save].

  5. Click [New connection] from [File] in the menu bar.

  6. Type shared computer server name such as ccz00 and ccx03 in [Host] and click [OK].
  7. Type passphrase created in SSH key generating page and click [OK].

TeraTerm Character Code Setting

When Japanese characters are garbled, change character code setting to UTF-8 as follows.

  1. Select [Terminal] from [Setup].
  2. Change Coding [receive] and [transmit] to UTF-8.

How to install TeraTerm

  1. Opne https://teratermproject.github.io/index-en.html in a browser.
  2. Select the new release information or download tab and download the installer (teraterm-5.X.exe or teraterm-4.XX.exe).
    1. Run the downloaded executable file.
    2. Since installer will launch, install the program according to its instructions.

Last-Modified: November 26, 2023

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