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Status of SFC-CNS Printers

August 9, 2011
To Users of SFC-CNS
Shonan Fujisawa ITC
Status of SFC-CNS Printers

To save on electricity, we leave any printers turned off.
Current information of working printers is in the following table.

Building Floor Location Color/Mono Status      
Media Center 1F Open Area - one-stop PC space Color Available      
Monochrome Available      
Open Area - in front of Creative Room Color N/A      
Monochrome N/A      
Entrance to AV Hall Monochrome N/A      
κBuilding 1F Classroom κ18 Monochrome N/A (8/3-9/20)      
2F Lobby Monochrome N/A (-9/20)      
εBuilding 1F Classroom ε17 Monochrome N/A (8/3-9/20)      
ιBuilding 1F Classroom ι18 Monochrome N/A (8/3-9/20)      
2F Lobby Monochrome N/A (-9/20)      
οBuilding 1F Classroom ο17 Monochrome N/A (8/3-9/20)      
λBuilding 1F Classroom λ11 Color Available      
Monochrome Available      
Classroom λ18 Monochrome Available      
2F Classroom λ21 Color Available      
ΣBuilding B1F Keio Co-op Cafeteria - North Wing Monochrome N/A (-9/22)      
Faculty of Nursing and Medial Care 1F Keio Co-op Store Monochrome Available      
2F At corridor in front of Room 202 Monochrome N/A      
Room 205 Color Available      
Monochrome Available(N/A next to the Window)      
Next to the PC for database search Monochrome Available      

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this situation.

Last-Modified: August 9, 2011

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