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Closure Schedule of PC Rooms

January 27, 2014
To Users of SFC-CNS
Shonan Fujisawa ITC
Closure Schedule of PC Rooms

As the table below shows, some PC rooms will be closed during the Spring Break period.

Classroom Period (2014) Detail
k18, e17, i18 from 9:00am, February 3 (Mon) to 6:00pm, March 31 (Mon) Energy saving
o17 Available
L11 from 9:00am, March 19 (Wed) to 6:00pm, March 20 (Thr) Maintenance
L18 from 9:00am, March 3 (Mon) to 6:00pm, March 4 (Thu) Maintenance
L21 from 9:00am, March 10 (Mon) to 6:00pm, March 11 (Thu) Maintenance
NMC205 from 9:00am, March 17 (Mon) to 6:00pm, March 31 (Mon) Renewal of PC

Shared PCs in these rooms will be shutdown because of saving energy or their maintenance.
Each individual will be responsible for backing up necessary data in such PCs to external HDDs.

Reference: Data on Work Drive (D: Drive) will be deleted (Mar. 29)

Last-Modified: January 27, 2014

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