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Changing Default Character Encoding on Mac

January 31, 2014
To SFC-CNS users
Shonan Fujisawa ITC
Changing Default Character Encoding on Mac

In accordance with a strong request by faculty members, we will change the default character encoding on Mac to UTF-8 in the morning of March 25. Please confirm the table below.

【Shared Mac】

  • iMac 21.5 inch in PC rooms (κ18, ε17, ι18, ο17) and Media Center: [zmac, mczmac]
  • Mac Pro in PC room λ18 and Media Center: [hdmac, mchdmac]
  • iMac 27 inch in PC room λ21 and Media Center: [damac, mcdamac]
  • iMac 27 inch in Media Center [mcmac]
  • iMac and Mac Pro in NMC Multimedia Room [nmcmac, hdmac, damac]


Applications before after
LANG editing environment ja_JP.EUC ja_JP.UTF-8
Terminal EUC-JP UTF-8
* The character encoding on existing users' settings is EUC-JP as before, so each user needs to change his or her settings for any purpose.
vi (on newly saved files)
(on newly saved files)
TeX(compilable) SJIS, JIS, EUC-JP SJIS, JIS, EUC-JP, UTF-8


  • UTF-8 is non-supported encoding of "kterm" on SFC-CNS, so EUC-JP will be used as before.
  • Windows environment (λ11, NMC PC-room 205) has not changed.
  • Communication servers (ccz00, ccx01, and webedit ) also have not changed.

Last-Modified: February 6, 2014

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