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SFC-CNS File Server (Faculty) Replacement and Temporary Service Suspension (Mid-September)

July 26, 2014
To Users of SFC-CNS
Shonan Fujisawa ITC
SFC-CNS File Server (Faculty) Replacement and Temporary Service Suspension (Mid-September)

SFC-CNS file server for faculty member will be replaced as indicated below. Due to replacement, some services will be suspended partially.

Comparison of Current and New SFC-CNS Faculty File Server

Current File Server
(until mid-September, 2014)
New File Server
(from mid-September, 2014)
Personal Home Directory
(from both Win/Mac)
10GB / User 40GB / User
Date Protection
(for individuals)
At least 14 generation Snapshot
Full mirror backup with independent system

Migration Schedule

Period:  from 8:00am, September 13(Sat) to 11:59pm, September 15(Mon, holiday), 2014 (tentative)
Faculty members and staffs who use SFC-CNS
SFC-CNS Shared work area
(Personal Home Directory Migration)
  • [Faculty members and Staffs] Unable to login PC or Mac at Shonan Fujisawa Campus
  • [Faculty members and Staffs] SFC-CNS Mail Service suspention (Mail forwarding service will continue working if forwarding setting is defined upon suspension.
(SFC-CNS Shared Work Area Migration)
  • [All Users] Unable to access shared work area (including Web access)
  • [All Users] Suspension of SFC-CNS WebMail service
  • [All Users] Failure to access the personal web page, which uses php session
  • [All Users] Reboot of Shared compute server (ccz00.sfc.keio.ac.jp)
  • Affected Faculty members and Staffs are divided into 2-4 groups and Personal Home Directory will be migrated based on this group.
  • Please refer further notice for the group and actual date/time of migration. Estimated migration hours for each group are 9-12 hours but may be changed based on the volume.
  • All the incoming e-mail during migration will be delivered with delay.

Request the cooperation of migration

  • Shonan Fujisawa ITC will migrate personal home directory. To save the migration hours, please delete temporal or unused data by end of August.
  • Shonan Fujisawa ITC will migrate data with meticulous attention. Shonan Fujisawa ITC recommends the User to backup all the important data before the migration.

Last-Modified: June 27, 2014

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