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Upcoming CNS Storage Service and Discontinuation of CNS Online Storage Service (Sharefile)

October 18, 2016
To Users of SFC-CNS
Shonan Fujisawa ITC
Upcoming CNS Storage Service and Discontinuation of CNS Online Storage Service(Sharefile).

Shonan-Fujisawa ITC provides CNS Online Storage Service(Sharefile) since March 2014 and the licensing contract will end on end of December 2016. We have discussed the service among the faculty members and staffs. However, due to low usage and restriction of resources, we have decided that new user signup will be discontinued on end of December, followed by the termination of the service on end of March.

For current user, the service will be available until end of March 2017. Please backup the data until the termination of service.

We understand the concern about storing the data on cloud storage and the needs of on-premise online storage service (Data will be stored in the campus facility). Currently we're considering to offer new CNS Online Storage Service using open source software on April 2017.

[CNS Online Storage Service (Sharefile)]

Discontinuation of new user signup: 3:00pm, December 26(Monday), 2016
Termination of the service: 3:00pm, March 31(Tuesday), 2017
Launch of new service: April, 2017 (Planned)

This notice of the termination was also reported to the faculty members at Faculty members meeting of SFC held on Wednesday 29 September 2016.

Thank you for understanding.

Last-Modified: October 18, 2016

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