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Replacement of CNS print system (The first report)

Regarding SFC-CNS print system, the current system has been 5 years since the installation. Therefore,  the system will be replaced with the new system April 2023 for the stable operation.
The current CNS print system
On this announcement, we inform major changes which seems to have big effects and unchanged points. The details about the printing procedure and how to pay, etc. on the new system, will be informed on the site later.

Major Changes

  • Print Devices
  • Printing Procedure
    • Reinstalling of the printer driver is required on individual own PC.
  • Payment Method of print fee
    • Transportation IC card → purchase points
      ※As transportation IC cards holders are getting few, because of turning to mobile system, purchasing points will be operated in order to use with more various settlement method.
    • Points will be sold at the Co-op store. (non-refundable)
    • Charging and checking remaining points are available on the specific site.
  • Printer Locations(PM,EI: 5 locations, NM:3 locations)
    • Media Center (2 units)
    • ε(epsilon) building first floor lobby
    • ο(omicron) building first floor lobby
    • In front of the Academic Affairs office counter in the main building
    • τ(tau) building second floor loft ※finishers attached
    • Nursing and Medical Care building lecture room 205
    • Nursing and Medical Care Library
    • Nursing and Medical Care the Co-op store

Unchanged points

  • Print fee
    • monochrome 5yen/points, color 15 yen/points
  • Payment operation
    • Students are allocated 2500 points per academic year.
    • Print fee of faculty members who have lectures including part-time faculties will be billed to belonging departments later.
    • The others pay each time

Last-Modified: January 20, 2023

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