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Notes for updating to Windows11

New version of Windows11 is released on November, 2021.
By updating the OS to a new version, the software and services you have been using may not work properly.
The academic software EndNote will inform you to wait to upgrade your OS until the new OS compatible version is available.

EndNote Topics (USACO Corporation's page)

※ Please refer to "2021.10.19【EndNote】Windows 11 と EndNote の互換性について"

Other software and IPP printing on SFC may not work properly.
Depending on the software and services you are using, it may take some time to check the operation and support on the new OS. We recommend that you do not update to a new version of the OS immediately after the release, but check the compatibility with the software and services you are using.

Please see the following page for the current software (mainly site licensed) status confirmation.

Support status of Site License Software for Windows 11

Last-Modified: October 27, 2021

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