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Microsoft Outlook for Office365 (IMAP4)

Mail sending and receiving setting

  1. When you start Outlook for the first time, the startup screen is displayed. Enter your CNS e-mail address, click [Advanced options] and check "Let me set up my account manually". Then click [Connect].
  2. "Advanced setup" will be displayed. Click on [IMAP].
  3. "IMAP Account Setting" will be displayed. Enter "IMAP / SMTP-AUTH password" and click [Connect].

  4. "Internet Email" window will be displayed.

  5. Remove letters after @ from the UserName and modify it to just the login name, enter the IMAP/SMTP-AUTH password,
    check "Save this password in your password list" and click [OK].

  6. Click [Done] when the Account Creation Complete window is displayed.

How to read of reading IMAP4 mail offline.

Last-Modified: April 5, 2019

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