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How to Back-up IMAP4 Emails

How to Back-up IMAP4 Emails

  • With IMAP4 the e-mails are saved on the server, that you cannot read emails off-line (if you are not connected to internet.).
    • There are some mailers which configure in such way to download IMAP folder.
  • This page provides you the instruction for how to enable you to read your emails off-line by downloading/making backup all emails to PC.


All work will be done on your PC. Do all those steps on-line.

  1. Configure in such way that the mailer can see all IMAP folders on the server.
  2. Select the IMAP folder in which the emails you want to download are included.
  3. Download (Synchronize) the folder.
  4. Download (Synchronize) emails to PC.
  5. Off-line your PC and check if you can read your emails

※Becky! Internet Mail does not have a function of "synchronize".

Settings for mailers

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