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Measures taken against Computer Virus

If your PC have a computer virus, it may try to copy the virus to other computers not only in SFC, but also in the world. It may also be possible for attacking other network devices and sending thousands of emails with the virus.
The immediate handling is necessary if there is a possibility in being infected with the computer virus.

Please refer to the following instructions:

A Computer virus often get infected through networks, that Shonan Fujisawa Information Technology Center has the quarantine network.

  • Quarantine network:
    - Media Center1st floor, in front of CNS service desk at Shonan Fujisawa Information Technology Center

If you are connected to this network, you can handle a computer virus without worrying about the issues above.

Search for infected files and removal of such file

1. If anti-virus software is installed

Please make sure that the patten file of anti-virus software you are using is the newest version, and run virus search for all files and drives.
If it is a trial version, or its license is expired, the pattern file may not be the most updated version.

  • If you find infected files.
    You may be able to handle the problem with anti-virus software, that please refer to
    the software's manual. You could also find information about the virus found on web
    pages of the manufacturer.

2. If you have not installed anti-virus software

  • Search and Remove viruses ESET Endpoint Security
    From keio.jp you can download/install ESET Endpoint Security.
    Login keio.jp → Service Category → Software License Center → List of license
  • Use Microsoft Safety Scanner
    If you cannot install anti-virus software on your PC with some reasons, you can search/remove viruses by accessing Microsoft Safety Scanner.

Microsoft Update

1. Procedure

  • For detail procedure, please refer to Web page opened by Microsoft.
    • For Windows XP
      "Start" → "All programs" → "Microsoft Update"
    • For Windows Vista , Windows 7
      "Start" → "All programs" → "Windows Update"
    • For Windows 8 , Windows 8.1
      "Input the Windows key + W key"  -> "And then type "Windows Update" in the search box in the upper right" -> "Check for updates".

2. Important Notes

  • If you are asked to restart PC, you have to restart your PC to complete the update. Please restart properly.
  • After you restart your PC, you need to repeat activating Microsoft Update until no items left on "Important Update and Service Pack", or the message - "There is no update program available." - will appear.

Prevention of reinfection

1. Set password on users with administrative authority

For some Windows versions *1, you need to set the password to the "Administrator" users which is automatically created.
This "Administrator" users who have administrative authority do not have password at initial state. Hence it can be used by a third party via network.
Follow one of the instructions below to set the password.

  • Set the password with NET USER command.
    Open command prompt or DOS prompt, and enter the following command.
    net user Administrator *
    You can set the password.
  • Set the password on "Control Panel" > "User Account"
    If you activate Administrator on safe-mode, it will appear on administrative tool window.
    To activate it on safe-mode, turn-on power, press F8 key for several times. The "Start" menu will appear. Select the "Start with safe-mode".

2. Update virus definition file

New viruses are appearing everyday. It is obvious that even the newest version of anti-virus software cannot recognize the new viruses appearing everyday. Even if you have the newest version of anti-virus software, your PC is not protected completely.
You need to keep updating the virus definition file.

3.Microsoft Update

Many viruses are transmitted through Windows OS vulnerabilities. Anti-virus software is effective to search/remove virus, but
there is no other fundamental solution than installing updated program to restore such vulnerabilities.
You need to set the automatic Microsoft Update or use other means to do Microsoft Update.

4. New kinds of viruses

Even if the virus definition is the newest version, anti-virus software cannot keep up with newer viruses.
Do not overestimate anti-virus software. You need to take a precaution of at least not opening suspicious attached files.

*1 Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional Edition

Last-Modified: November 6, 2023

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