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Adding another Calendar to My Calendar

Adding another Calendar to My Calendar

  1. If "Revision and Sharing Management Authority" is set with Calendar authority setting, "My Calendar" is displayed. In cases at and below "Schedule Change Authority", another calendar is displayed.

    To add another calendar, enter another user's mail address or, another user's keio Apps ID to "Other Calendar" - "Add Calendar of Fellow User".

    * To add the Calendar of a user of keio.jp, enter that users’ Keio Apps ID .

    Fig. 1 Adding another calendar (1)

    The calendar of another user has been added to "Other Calendar".

    Fig. 2 Adding another calendar (2)

  2. If sharing is not permitted within the domain, the following pop-up is displayed.
    You can send a request to share a calendar to the other person by clicking on "Send Request".

    Fig. 3 Adding another calendar (3)

    You can display a calendar by obtaining permission to share the calendar from the other person.
    ・Please refer to "Share with specified user" for the method of adding sharing of a Calendar.

  3. You can register multiple calendars at one time by entering text consisting of mail addresses divided by commas (,) as shown below into "Fellow Member's Calendar"

    Fig. 4 Adding another calendar (4)

    Multiple calendars have been registered at one time.

    Fig. 5 Adding another calendar (5)

Return to Google Calendar Users Manual for explanations about other features.

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