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Using Eduroam

What is eduroam?

eduroam is a roaming service for wireless LAN network access for the academics which has been developed by Europian GÉANT Association (TERENA). Now, eduroam is used in 74 countries all over the world including Japan.

With Eduroam, members will be able to use not just their own institution's network, but will be able to use the other institution's network as well when visiting. By using the authentication cooperation system, there is no need to change the settings according to the destination. The connection setting is common, and you will be using the same ID which has been issued by your own institution.

How to use eduroam

Using eduroam at Keio (for VISITORS: Using inside Keio Campus)

Available Campus All the Keio University Campus (excluding Osaka and Tsuruoka)
SSID eduroam
Security WPA2 Enterprise
Encryption AES
Authentic Method EAP-PEAP
ID ID issued by user's own institution which is participating in eduroam
(Usually the ID which has been issued by belonging university)
Password Authentic Password Corresponding password to the belonging institution above.
(Usually the Password which is used for PEAP authentication at the belonging university)
Network Assignment SINET network for eduroam
(Will be treated as outside of Keio)

Using eduroam outside Keio (for FACULTY/STUDENT of Keio: Using at the visiting institution)

Institution Institutions which are participating in Eduroam.
More information from Eduroam JP websites (http://www.eduroam.jp/)
SSID eduroam (Depending on the visiting institution)
Security WPA2 Enterprise (Depending on the visiting institution)
Encryption AES (Depending on the visiting institution)
Authentic Method EAP-PEAP
ID keio.jp ID(ex: keiojiro@keio.jp)
ITC system ID (ex: ua123456@user.keio.ac.jp)
SFC-CNS ID (ex: s15000tk@sfc.keio.ac.jp)
Password keio.jp WiFi Password
ITC system PEAP Password
Network Assignment Depending on the visiting institution.
(It will be the network outside of Keio)

eduroam Visitor Account

A visitor account is an account for temporary use of the network within the university for temporary visitors to the university, such as for academic conferences, and can be issued by faculty and staff.
A visitor account is not required if the person visiting has already obtained an eduroam account at his/her home institution.

Please see the following page for details

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