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PC rooms k,e,i,o will be discontinued (PC removal)

December 12, 2019
Users of SFC-CNS
SFC Academic Affairs Office
Shonan Fujisawa ITC
PC rooms k,e,i,o will be discontinued (PC removal)

Faculty of Policy Management and Faculty of Environment and Information Studies largely promote SFC BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) which using privately owned Laptop for class and studies in the 2020 academic year.

As a result, ITC will remove computers (iMac) from PC rooms k,e,i,o in the following schedule.

(1) Target rooms

k18, e17, i18, o17

(2) Schedule

Closure date: February 1st(Sat) , 2020
Data deletion: Sequentially from February 3rd(Mon), 2020
Rooms reopening: April 1st(Wed), 2020 (as general classrooms)

(3) Note

Be sure to back up your work drive data by January 31(Fri), 2020. ITC cannot recover the data for any reasons after the closure of PC rooms .

Last-Modified: December 12, 2019

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