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Microsoft Outlook 2019 (IMAP4)

Configuration for receiving/sending e-mails

  1. If you opened Outlook 2019 first time, you'll see "Set Up Your Email" dialog box. If not so, you can start adding a new account from "Accounts" in "Tools" menu. Then, enter your e-mail address of CNS account.
  2. Then, the next form asks detailed settings, but most of the settings are filled automatically and do not modify other than "Password". Fill "Password" form with your IMAP/SMTP password of SFC-CNS account.

  3. When you see "(your login name)@sfc.keio.ac.jp has been added", and your configuration process is done. As you clicked "Done", you can browse your e-mails if there are any messages.

How to browse your e-mails offline

Last-Modified: January 16, 2020

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