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Mail Settings

  • For those who are not faculty members nor students
    • If your account was created after September 2008, it was configured with IMAP4.
    • If your account was created before August 2008, it was configured with POP3. To use IMAP4 services, you first need configure for "start using IMAP4". Please check about IMAP4 service
  • For students and alumni
    • After September 2004, it is configured with IMAP4 at the CNS guidance for new students.
    • If POP3 users want to use IMAP4, they should check about IMAP4 service
  • Please refer this page if you receive effects of Outbound Port 25 Blocking (OP25B).
  • Please click "◯" on the following table if you want to see each example of mailer configuration.

Last-Modified: October 6, 2011

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