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Mail Settings

  • For those who are not faculty members nor students
    • If your account was created after September 2008, it was configured with IMAP4.
    • If your account was created before August 2008, it was configured with POP3. To use IMAP4 services, you first need configure for "start using IMAP4". Please check about IMAP4 service
  • For students and alumni
    • After September 2004, it is configured with IMAP4 at the CNS guidance for new students.
    • If POP3 users want to use IMAP4, they should check about IMAP4 service
  • Please refer this page if you receive effects of Outbound Port 25 Blocking (OP25B).
  • Please click "◯" on the following table if you want to see each example of mailer configuration.
OS Mailer Example of Setting Setting for OP25B
IMAP4 POP3 Submisson SMTP over SSL
Windows Windows 10 Mail × × ×
Becky! 2 ◯ (Japanese article) ◯ (Japanese article) ◯ (Japanese article)
Thunderbird ◯ (Japanese article) ◯ (Japanese article)
Microsoft Outlook 2010 ◯ (Japanese article) ◯ (Japanese article)
Microsoft Outlook 2013 ◯ (Japanese article) ◯ (Japanese article)
Microsoft Outlook 2016
Microsoft Outlook 2019
Microsoft Outlook for Office365
Mac OS X Mail ◯ (Japanese article) ×
Thunderbird ◯ (Japanese article)
Microsoft Outlook 2019 for Mac
iOS Mail
Android Gmail
Other Importing to Gmail × - -

Last-Modified: April 5, 2024

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