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Email Services on SFC-CNS

Email Services

  • Email servers in SFC correspond to the following protocols: IMAP4 and POP3.
    • Email settings are configured for users with IMAP4 when their accounts are created.


  • Advantage
    • Emails will pile up on the servers, so the users can send and receive emails from various computers and locations. They can also check those emails under the same environment.
    • Information about unread emails is inspected on the servers, that those email will not be scuttered in difference places.
    • Emails are backed up on the servers, that there is no need for the user to make back up.
  • Disadvantage
    • In order to read emails, the users need to get connected to the network. However, already read-emails could be kept in the caches memory with some mailer settings.


  • Advantage
    • The users can read emails that their mailers received even under the off-line *1.
  • Disadvantage
    • It is possible to lose emails if OS is reinstalled on PC or the HD is broken.
    • If you receive your emails at various locations, pilled-up emails will also be downloaded at the same time. Thus, your emails will be scuttered in differnt PCs or email servers.
    • If your setting is to keep your emails on the servers, it will take time to download your emails if many emails are piled up on servers.


  1. Please do not pile up too many emails on the servers.
    • If a large number of emails is piled up on the servers, receiving emails burden the servers greatly each time mailers load those emails.
      If emails have accumulated on the POP server, an email notification will be sent from Shonan Fujisawa Information Technology Center regularly.
    • IMAP users should mind quotas of CNS home directories. If the volume of email data exceed the quota, the users can't receive emails.
  2. Please set appropriate time interval for automatic email check. (for POP3 users)
    • If your automatic email check is set with short interval, it will put much burden on the servers.
      →Users should configure their computers to receive emails manually or to receive emails automatically every 15 or more minutes.
  3. Please prevent from sending an email whose file size is too big.
    • Sending an email whose file size is dozens MB of file size burdens greatly not only the SFC mail servers, but also the recipients' servers.
      →Users should consider other ways to distribute their files. (e.g., Web and IM, etc.)
*1 Recently, IMAP users can do too.

Last-Modified: November 6, 2023

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