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Measures taken against spam

Since June 14th 2005, SFC-CNS have been managing the mail server which can detect spam and VIRUS.

Since March 24th 2012, spam quarantine service has been available. You can choice spam processing policy from quarantine, tag, and no filtering.

Since October 14th 2014, You can choice criteria of spam from two types.

Since October 2 2015, The default spam policy setting has been changed to quarantine.

Processing results of detecting spam and VIRUS

These spam processing policy are available.

To set your spam policies, please login to https://itcsecure.sfc.keio.ac.jp/accounts/mail/.

  • Quarantine (default)
    Spam email will be quarantined on the server.
    Spam Quarantine service
  • Taging and deliver
    Tagging to email as following table. You can refile spam mails using this tag.
    Refiling spam mail
    Judgement result Message which will be added to the header Message which will be added to the subject line Note
    When judged as spam X-Ironport: SPAM [SPAM]
    When suspected as spam X-Ironport: SUSPECTED SPAM [SUSPECTED SPAM]
    When judged as VIRUS X-Ironport: VIRUS [VIRUS REMOVED] The VIRUS attached to the mail will be deleted.
    When suspected as VIRUS X-Ironport: Virus-Suspected [WARNING: VIRUS SUSPECTED] Data suspected as VIRUS will not be deleted.
    When judgement did not complete normally X-Ironport: AntiVirus-Unscannable [WARNING: A/V UNSCANNABLE]
  • No filtering
    Spam mail will be delivered without tagging.


  1. Emails sent and forwarded from SFC-CNS
    Regarding the domains from which many emails are sent to outside of CNS are judged as spam, the delivering emails will be suspended not only for the emails judged as spam, but also the emails suspeced as spam.
    Domains under control to reduce spam emails (accessible only from inside the campus)
  2. The procedure to judge emails as spam or VIRUS is done automatically to those emails with specific conditions. Thus, following incidents may occur. Each users should delete the mails which are judged as spam or VIRUS by themselves. Please be informed the following things for using this service.
    1. Emails which are not spam might be judged as SPAM.(false positive)
    2. Emails which are spam might not be judged as SPAM.(false negative)
  3. Judgement basis to detect SPAM and VIRUS might be changed slightly depending on the situation.

Last-Modified: January 22, 2022

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