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Refiling spam mail

Examples of mailer settings for spam and VIRUS judgment

Settings and cautions

  • Settings
    • The following table shows each mailer setting with "X-Ironport" headers added to SPAM emails.
    • SPAM emails are deleted from the mail spool and moved to a client email box.
    • Outlook Express and Windows Mail don't support "custom header", so the table shows settings with "Subject" on these mailers.
  • Cautions
    • If mailers detect spam emails with "Subject", it is possible to sort received emails with the same strings which are not added by spam filters.
    • If you adopt the following examples, spam emails are deleted from the servers and saved in your client PC.
    • Different mailers or different email environments have different timings to sort emails automatically.

Automated detection at the server

ITC doesn't support "procmail" services, so it isn't responsible for the trouble caused by the settings.
※Please don't configure "procmail" settings without your "~/Maildir".
※If you have never received emails, you become to be unable to read them with "procmail" settings.Please make sure that you can receive emails with IMAP4 settings before configure "procmail" settings.

By using IMAP server, you become to be able to use "procmail" which is an automatic email processing program. Here is an example of sorting automatically spam emails judged by spam filter systems.

Please refer to these web pages (introduction of procmail (in Japanese)) for more information.

Configuring "~/.procmail" on the following settings makes spam filter systems sort spam emails into a "SPAM" folder.

^X-Ironport: SPAM

Then, emails judged as spam by the spam filter system become to be sorted into the "SPAM" folder.

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