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SFC-CNS File Server Replacement and Change in Service

June 3, 2013
Users of SFC-CNS
Shonan Fujisawa ITC
SFC-CNS File Server Replacement and Change in Service

SFC-CNS file server (student file server) will be replaced as indicated below. Please note that as a result, a portion of the current service will be discontinued.

Comparison of Current and New SFC-CNS Student File Server

Current File Server
(until end-September, 2013)
New File Server
(from October 2013)
Personal Home Directory
(for both Win/Mac)
10GB / user 40GB / user
Data Protection
(for individuals)
snapshot generation 14
(taken once daily)

Discontinuance of Archive Server (Media Server / Y: Drive)

The CNS file server provided, in addition to personal home directories, temporary data storage known as the archive server. Its characteristics are:

  • Space (maximum 10TB shared by approximately 700 users) to place large data, such as video data, that otherwise cannot fit on to the personal home directory
  • No limit to storage volume, but if not accessed for 30 days, it will be deleted
  • No backup

At present, the archive server is being used at nearly 100% capacity, and 4% of all the users are using about one-half the entire capacity. There have been cases where other users cannot use the archive server.

From these circumstances, it has been judged that the archive server is no longer able to serve its purpose and should be discontinued. This decision was also approved at the 2012 Academic Year Fifth Shonan Fujisawa Campus Joint Faculty Meeting held on February 28, 2013.

Plans to Introduce Online Storage Service

Online storage space such as “Dropbox,” “Google Drive,” and “SkyDrive” are being considered for smooth data sharing between personal PCs and smartphones, and CNS computers. The technicalities and operability are being studied at present, and trial service is planned to begin in the latter half of the 2013 Academic Year.

Migrating to the New File Server

  • Data on the Archive Server (Media Server / Y: Drive) will be deleted as of 5:00 p.m., Friday, August 9, 2013.Each individual will be responsible for backing up necessary data to external HDDs or such. Data cannot be restored for whatever reason.
  • Work space on terminals (temporary storage space on each terminal) set up in classrooms and such can continue to be used. However, these will be operated according to the Work space operating rules. (no backup)
  • ITC will carry out migration of data on personal home directories. Please be aware that the services below cannot be used during data migration.
    • Login to public terminals (Win/Mac) on campus
    • Sending and receiving CNS mail (A delay in receiving external mail can be expected.)
  • Migration of personal home directories is planned for end-August thru mid-September. Migration procedures are likely to take about 48 hours. Details will be posted on the SFC-ITC website.

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