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Becky! 2.X (IMAP4)

How to use IMAP4 for Becky! 2.x

This is a sample setting by using Becky!2.75.

Mail sending and receiving setting

  1. Click [File] from the menu bar, and then click [Create New Mailbox] from [Mailbox].。
    Mailbox Name Any name you like
    Receiving Protocol Select IMAP4rev1

  2. Set Mailbox.
    Name Your Name
    Email address Your Email Address
    IMAP Server(Receiving) imap.sfc.keio.ac.jp
    Put a check in the checkbox of [IMAPS].
    SMTP Server(Transmitting) smtp.sfc.keio.ac.jp
    Put a check in the checkbox of [OP25B].
    UserID Your SFC-CNS login name
    Password IMAP/SMTP-AUTH Password
    Authentication Select CRAM-MD5
  3. Trashbox is placed on the server as default setting. If you want to place Draftbox and Sandbox on the server, put a check in the checkbox.
  4. Connect to IMAP server
    1. Select the mailbox and click [Remote mailbox] in the tool bar.
    2. Or click [Connect to IMAP server] from [Mail] in the menu bar.

How to read IMAP4 mail offline. 

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Last-Modified: May 24, 2021

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