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This section describes the Class-Related features.
For the details about each feature, click the corresponding feature name.

Class-Related features

  1. Class Info
    This feature allows you to register Non-Degree Students, view and download student lists, and manage student attendance.
  2. Notices
    This feature allows you to post messages on the Class Support System to students in the course.
  3. Upload Study Materials
    This feature allows you to upload E-study materials that only students in the course can view and download. Or, by using the settings, you can make these materials available to all Class Support System users. In addition, you can check to see if students in the course have viewed the different study materials you have uploaded.
  4. Reports
    This feature allows you to specify the settings for presenting or submitting report assignments. You can also use it to accept submitted reports, request the re-submission of a report, return comments, and record notes for each report that is submitted.
  5. Class Message Board
    Through the settings, you can create different kinds of message boards, such as message boards for communicating only with other teachers in the class, message boards for providing information to students in the course, as well as message boards for communicating between faculty members and students.
  6. Questionnaire
    The questionnaire allows you to answer questions by entering text or uploading a file in addition to letting you give answers from among previously input selections concerning preset question contents.
  7. Co-Teachers/Class Assistants Settings
    This feature allows you to grant certain privileges to specific faculty members or students that enable them to specify class-related features.

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