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FAQ (Class Support, For Faculty Members)

Below are frequently asked questions and answers for faculty members.
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  1. Using the "Class Support" and Applying for a Local Account Q&A
  2. Notices Q&A
  3. Study Materials Q&A
  4. Reports Q&A
  5. Class Bulletin Board Q&A
  6. Settings for Co-Teachers and Class Assistants Q&A
  7. Group Settings Q&A
  8. Common Settings Q&A
  9. Other Q&A

A. Using the "Class Support" and Applying for a Local Account Q&A

  1. How do I apply for a local account?
  2. Can I allow a student that has not registered for the class to use this system?

B. Notices Q&A

  1. How do students find out about the information I registered on the [Notices] page?
  2. Can I use [Notices] to directly contact an individual student, such as by sending an email to their personal address?
  3. When I press the Register button after introducing contents of the notice, the message "Entered content is defective. * Enter 2,000 bytes or less of class material" is displayed.

C. Study Materials Q&A

  1. What is the maximum size of study materials that can be uploaded?
  2. Can I upload study materials that include the work of others?
  3. How do I upload multiple files at one time?
  4. Is there a method of distributing study materials only to specified students regardless of the class?

D. Reports Q&A


  1. How do I delete a report assignment?


  1. Astudent claims that I have submitted their report, but I am sure that I haven't done so. What can I do?
  2. Can the file name of a report that a student has submitted be downloaded without changing the file name?


  1. None of the action buttons used to return reports are displayed, and I can't specify any of the settings.
  2. Is there a function that returns all reports en bloc?
  3. When reports have been submitted, why are they displayed in red in the column: reports that must be submitted?
  4. The button to download submitted report files is not displayed.
  5. Can the return settings be deleted?

E. Class Message Board Q&A

Not available at this time.

F. Settings for Co-Teachers and Class Assistants Q&A

  1. I can't perform certain actions for a class to which I am assigned as a co-teacher.

G. Group Settings Q&A

Not available at this time.

H. Common Settings Q&A

Not available at this time.

I. Other Q&A

  1. What is the [Manage Student Attendance] feature?
  2. Can I delete reference room data en bloc?
  3. Can an e-mail notification be sent to students?
  4. Is it possible to send a message to any students with inputting or importing the student(s) number list?

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