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Changes of the spam mail countermeasure function

October 1, 2015
To Users of SFC-CNS/ERNS
Shonan Fujisawa ITC
Changes of the spam mail countermeasure function

SFC-CNS mail service (@sfc.keio.ac.jp domains) will be "Adding the new function" and "Changing the default value for spam mail judgement action" as follows:

  1. Addition of the URL filter
    Emails will be judged as the spam mail if there is a malicious URL included in the body text.

  2. Changing the default value for spam mail judgement action
    Currently, each users can decide how to deal those mails which are judged as the spams. There will be a change in those default values (the action when it is not set explicitly)as follows. There will be no changes to the setting which has been set the action explicitly.

Action Details Default value
Isolation Spam mail will be isolated to the isolation server and will not be delivered to the mailbox. Those isolated mails will be able to get checked on the isolation server as needed. After Oct. 2
Inserting tags Tags will be inserted in the mail header according to the judgement results. Tagged mails will be delivered to the mailbox as usual. On each mail softwares it will be able to allocate those mails using the tags. Until Oct. 1
Deliver as it is There are nothing to be done. All the emails will be delivered as it is.

Implementation Schedule: 2nd October 2015 A.M.

The spam mail judgement movement will be able to change at the following URL

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Last-Modified: October 2, 2015

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