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Usage Method for Faculty Members

An explanation on the K-LMS (Canvas LMS) feature for faculty members is provided here.

How to access and login

There are two methods available for accessing and logging in.

  1. Direct access by URL
    Select [keio.jp], and then log in with your own Keio ID.
  2. Click on [Class] --> [K-LMS:Learning Management System (Canvas LMS)] on the category display from the keio.jp portal menu

About Classes

Screen (dashboard) immediately after logging into Canvas LMS

This is the screen displayed immediately after logging in. The menu enclosed in the red box is the basic Canvas menu.The classes you are involved in will be displayed in a card format on the right-hand side of the dashboard.

Common Canvas Operations (Modules)

In Canvas LMS, modules (a broad range of items: page making, educational material distribution, topic report making, quiz making, etc.) are used to establish classes (courses) by creating, adding and assembling these components.
Creating and adding modules can be done by setting them up with the use of common operations.

  1. Click on the (1) [+] symbol located next to the class title that is to be added to each class course.
  2. Clicking on (2) enables the type of module to be added to be selected.
    The basic operations shown in 1. and 2. are used for all modules, including educational material distribution and topic making.

Notification Settings

This feature enables checking and changing the settings for each notification from Canvas LMS.
Select [Notifications] from the menu account displayed on the left.
Notifications can be set at [Notify Immediately], [Daily Summary], [Weekly Summary] or [Notifications Off].

Basic Class Features (For Faculty Members)

Language setting

For common menu on Canvas LMS, you can change your language by the following operation.

  1. If current language on your Canvas menu is “Japanese”, you need to click Japanese items.
    • ab:In Global Navigation, click the Account link(アカウント ) upper left of the screen,then click the Settings link(設定).
    • cd:After that, click the Edit Settings link(設定の編集) on right side of the Finally, you can choose your language in the central menu(言語)
  2. Original Japanese contents/menu provided by KeioUniv are not translated by the setting above.

FAQ (Canvas LMS, Faculty Members Only)

  • FAQ(the link directs users to Canvas LMS, which can only be viewed by faculty members)

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