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VPN Service


  • You can use various services that are available only within the university by using the existing internet connection through ISP and such.
  • There are 2 main VPN services which are available in CNS.
    Kind of VPN Pros Cons
    IPSEC-VPN It can be used with Windows/Mac/iOS/Android.
    It can be used not only with SFC-CNS, but also with university networks sudh as keio.jp via VPN.
    You need to install the client program.

How to use VPN


  • It encrypts with SSL at web browser.
  • Only in web browser is VIP. It does not affect any other communications.
  • You can use SSL-VPN only if you use SSl browser. It is very easy to use.


  • It leads all communication with CNS to the route protected by IPSec.
  • It allows to use services such as ftp, telnet and pop (except POP over SSL) that are prohibited from accessing from outside of CNS.
  • You can use this with Windows/Mac OS X/iPhone/Android, but you need to install GlobalProtect Client.
    ※You can download GlobalProtect Client from Web-VPN.


Web-VPN Specification
AlgorithmTLSv1, 1.1, 1.2
IPSec-VPN Specification
Encryption AlgorithmAES-128-CBC
Client Pool Address133.27.135.0/24
Access RouteRoute all traffic via VPN

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